Chanel S.

Sun: Cancer | Moon: Cancer | Rising: Scorpio

Brief Intro

Pronouns: She / Her

Black single queer woman who’s a beach lovin’ foodie with a love for arts and adventure.

How can healing + wellness be decolonized?

Creating a space where we can be who we are free of judgement and ridicule.

What's something you want to experience in all your intimate relationships?

Intimacy, friendship and open ended communication.

Most magical city or place you've ever visited.


If you could have any person in the world teach or mentor you directly who would that be? And it's ok if this person is now in the ancestral realm.

Sabina Peterson

Ask a question. We might just ask attending guests.

What does healing look like for you?

What's a perfect day look like for you?

A balmy 80 degree day that is spent beachside tucked away under a cabana with my books, food, drinks and music with love next to me.

What in your life are you most grateful for?

Daily grace and the opportunity of mercy.

What was the last thing that made you overflow with joy?

Honestly, I can’t remember.

Something that has taken you a long time to learn in your lifetime?

I’m only responsible for me at the end of the day.

Sugar on grits or nah? Or do you outright reject grits, lol?!

Why ruin a good thing with sugar.