Fatima Amir

Sun: Capricorn | Moon: Cancer | Rising: Cancer

Brief Intro

Pronouns: They / Them

Hello. Nice to meet you. I’m the amalgamation of all my ancestors’ lived experiences. The beginning of a brand new lineage. A black, queer non-binary, tittie bearing, neurodivergent representation of a human being. I am an anthropologist. A creator. An artist. An activist. A historian. A teacher. A learner. An explorer and discover. I am constantly seeking to understand the complexities of existence. Interpreter to the trees and wind and earth. A manifestor. Magician. Rootworker. A seed growing in the ground. I am a spirit and a mind but more often a heart. A healer of our pain. A fighter. A lover. And defendant of that love. Demolishing generational curses with the swiftness of my tongue. I’m sorry and I’m thankful. Harmful and helpful. Compassionate and indifferent. A benevolent heart and an overprotective mind. Constantly discovering the ways they are different and the same.

How can healing + wellness be decolonized?

Let’s start with dismantling capitalism.

What's something you want to experience in all your intimate relationships?

Freedom to exist in our purest form without fear of judgement, abandonment, pettiness, or violence. A commitment towards personal development and healing. Giving each other space, patience and understanding to do so, with the ability to communicate what we need from each other.

Most magical city or place you've ever visited.

There’s a fig orchard hidden in the back of a park in East Atlanta. I swear to you fairies and other forest creature call it home.

Ask a question. We might just ask attending guests.

What was your last dream about?

What's a perfect day look like for you?

I’d wake up from a good night’s rest, with a fun dream I can remember. Take a shower that burns my skin off. Breakfast is already ready. I’d watch some youtube videos before I go to spend time with friends. Today we’re day drinking at the lake. Swimming, eating and joking before we take a long nap together. I’d head home with an exhausted body. Take another shower that burns my skin off. Dinner is already made. Then I’ll watch a movie as I fall asleep.

What in your life are you most grateful for?

Being alive. Just trying to enjoy the Human experience.

What was the last thing that made you overflow with joy?

Seeing people fight against an authoritarian system in downtown Atlanta and across the country this summer. The literal burning of buildings is the metaphorical dismantling of an oppressive system.

Most underappreciated or underestimated artist/creative in Atlanta?

My friends

Something that has taken you a long time to learn in your lifetime?

Everyone’s living in their own reality and it’s not any less real than mine. We have to learn how to acknowledge each other perspectives while also honoring our own.

Sugar on grits or nah? Or do you outright reject grits, lol?!

I mean I guess. Don’t bring that to my house though.