Maisha Aza (Black Girl Tantra)

Sun: Sagittarius | Moon: Leo | Rising: Libra | Venus: Scorpio | Mars: Scorpio

Brief Intro

Pronouns: She / Her

I’m a Fat, Black, cis queer femme, and a 49-year-old, married, polyamorous step-parent. I’m a tantric shaman, sexual healer, and empath, and love spending time communing with nature. Born in New York and raised in South Carolina and Atlanta. A merging of North and South I am direct and independent; and I also love nature, earth, animals, and the cosmos. I have loved astrology since I was in high school, and now include what I’ve learned about the planets as a part of my sexual healing practice. I am spiritually nomadic, I go where I’m called. Although I’ve lived in several other cities (Seattle, Chicago, Northampton, Peru etc) I always come back home to Metro Atlanta. There’s something about the land that calls to me.

How can healing + wellness be decolonized?

Healing and wellness can be decolonized by including black and poc people in the process of educating other black, poc and queer people about their bodies and a human right to holistic wellness. We are often not even seen as “experts” or an “authority” on wellness even though wellness and healing began with our ancestors. It’s time to use allopathic medicine as a last resort, and holistic wellness modalities, as well as our intuition about our own bodies as our go-to for healing. Decolonizing our wellness, means being our own authority on our own bodies and having access to outside of the mainstream box, ancient and indigenous black/poc queer sexual health and erotic wellness resources. This includes recognizing that people who identify as fat, trans, non-binary, disabled, intersex, etc, are all allowed to exist under the umbrella of wellness, as they are. Wellness must be expansive rather than reductive.

What's something you want to experience in all your intimate relationships?

Love, tenderness, emotional/spiritual/physical intimacy, emotional intelligence, and open hearted communication, honoring boundaries and consent, and of course sexual freedom.

Most magical city or place you've ever visited.

Pisac, Perú

If you could have any person in the world teach or mentor you directly who would that be? And it's ok if this person is now in the ancestral realm.

Sobonfu Somé

Ask a question. We might just ask attending guests.

When was the last time you spent time erotically charged yourself with your own sexual/sensual energy? How did it feel?

What's a perfect day look like for you?

A perfect day would look like naked-time in the mountains, surrounded by nature, with access to some hot springs or a hot tub, waterfalls… and having sex and/or sensual play outside, under the sun, to top off the erotic oneness and connection to everything!!!

What in your life are you most grateful for?

My calling and my family. The power of love and pleasure to heal trauma.

What was the last thing that made you overflow with joy?

Seeing a deer family by the Chattahoochee river this past weekend.

Most underappreciated or underestimated artist/creative in Atlanta?

Myself (I am a powerful healer, but I don’t come out often…even Pre-covid)

Something that has taken you a long time to learn in your lifetime?

Self-love, Self-care, Self-compassion. Putting myself first.

Sugar on grits or nah? Or do you outright reject grits, lol?!

Nah sun. Love my grits savory and cheesy. I may have been born in the North but I grew up in the South! LOL